Welcome to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, and to those who are in search of what or who is pulling at their hearts.

There is nothing I can say of myself, only what Christ Jesus says of me through the postings on this blog site. In Chist Jesus you are encouraged (exhorted) to test the spirits in these postings

For many a decade I had struggled in the striving of living a Godly life, but have failed miserably, as I am sure many of us can attest to. It seems that I did not truly understand what living a righteous life was. It came to me one day that living righteously was to believe or have faith in what Jesus had/has fulfilled for each of us without us doing a thing other than believing and repenting, and thus following up in action towards what was commanded by Him.

It is my hope and prayer that those who read the following posts may glean from them of what I have learned, and still am learning as I walk with and learn from Jesus, through the Holy Spirit.

May His peace abide in you this day and forever…Amen


Comments Welcomed

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