My Faith Walk

September 28, 2014


My name is Albert John Wrigglesworth and I administer this blog.

I was raised primarily in Scarborough Ontario, a borough of Toronto by a practicing Roman Catholic mother and non-practicing Baptist father, and now live in Thunder Bay Ontario. I am presently, at time of posting, 62 yrs. of age.

My secular education was in public schools, and religious education in a Roman Catholic School.  I was at the time of my youth a “staunch” Roman Catholic to the point of even becoming a missionary priest.  Just before I was ready to sign on the dotted line there was a still, small voice within that said…NO. I tried ignoring this voice within, but it was very insistent.  I did not go into the Roman Catholic priesthood, but stayed a while with the Roman Catholic church, and then ended up roaming for decades through Protestant denominational churches until I came to settle for a while with the Evangelical Free Church here in Thunder Bay.  There I met a Pastor who became somewhat of a mentor to me.  I became very involved with this local church.  When we had conversations he would always end it by saying to me… “don’t forget that you are free in Christ”.

It took me about a year to figure out what he was saying to me, and then one day the light bulb came on.  It was then I realized what freedom in Christ meant.  I was no longer bound by what others would try to teach, or expect, or what doctrines of men would control my walk in Christ Jesus.  I was no longer of this world but of the Kingdom of Heaven, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit.  It was then I understood what was meant by Repent and be Baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  It was then I learned to live a righteous life, a life lived by faith (Hebrews 10:38 and Romans 1:17).

Since 1997, after being baptized, I still struggle against the fleshly ways of living the life given to me, but once my mind and heart are set on God, then the struggle becomes easier.  I do not keep tabs on how well I am doing, but rather keep my eyes on God.  That is enough for me.

Oh, just a side bar…for those who deem it necessary, I am a papered Pastoral Counsellor (Providence College) specializing in life experience “training”, grief counselling, and Bible teacher for 20+ years both for adults and youth.

May His peace abide in you, and that you abide in His peace.  Amen.



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